Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nobody tell PETA about this

The town seal of Portugalete. I thought it was cool

These guys

are apparently beating apples out of trees with sticks. Not sure how Spain's economy is going to fare in the 21st century. 

The veneration of Mary here in Spain

is quite something to see. No icon of her can be too beautific, no halo too bright, no gown too resplendent, no crown to ornate. This is an address tile on a country house.

This guy followed me

for a kilometer or two yesterday 

This is the exact spot

where the Camino splts. The left goes to the "primitivo", the right goes to the "coastal". I went coastal . . . not postal.

Just before the long walk

out of villavicicosa

Also, apples are huge here

I mean the amount of production of, not the actual fruit itself. Much is turned into a lightly effervescent, lightly alcoholic cider. It's served in the many "siderias"

It's quite good and the serving and consumption of it is highly ritualistic. I only grasp the basics of it, but it involves this odd contraption.